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Clinical Laboratory Mangement Inforamtion System. - (CLIMS)

   Functionality :

  1. Test Defination

  2. Test Profile Defination

  3. Single Test Registration

  4. Barcoded Vacutainers

  5. Patient Sample Registration

  6. Easy to Customize Laboratory Report

  7. Critical/Abusrd Value Alerts

  8. Out of Range Parameter Separate Listing

  9. Uni-directional Interface with Laboratory Analyzer

  10. Doctor Database

  11. Worklist

  12. Analyst Approval

  13. Turn Around Time Analysis

  14. Report Dispatch Tracking

  15. Pathologist Approval

  16. Laboratory Kit Inventory

  17. Laboratory Kit Distribution

  18. Laboratory Reagent Inventory

  19. Export of data to CSV, Excel file