Lab Information Management System

With SLIMS Pathology Labs can automate workflows, its helps in.

  • Integrating instruments.
  • Managing samples.
  • Managing information.

Home Visit Management

  • Complete sample collection management (Home/Hospital etc).
  • Phlebotomist management.
  • On the go sample registration, Bill/Receipt, Geo location tagging.

Instrument Interface

There are no machines left which we have not interfaced and something which our team is proud off. Machines love talk with our platform. It helps our client to eliminate error, save time, maximize efficiency.

  • Uni-Bidirectional Interface.
  • Dilution can be Specified , Do / Don’t Test Perform facility.
  • Real time order can be seen by others.
  • Download / Query mode.
  • QC data transfer.
  • Error code capture & Display.

Unique Modules Specialty Wise

We have created modules with our deep understanding for the following.

  • Histopathology/Cytology.
  • Microbiology.
  • Genetics/molecular.

Logistics Management

Created smart logistics and shipment tracking system with.

  • Route Master.
  • pick-up of specimen.
  • Address Enveloping Printing.
  • Report & Courier Dispatch.
  • Shipment In & Out.


Is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data and the process of applying those patterns towards effective decision making.

  • Effective dashboard.
  • MIS reports for various departments.


Mobile Applications for all stakeholders

  • Profile
  • Member Details
  • Sample Pick-up Request
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Sample Status
  • Report View
  • Home Visit Booking
  • Invoice View